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company culture

Zhejiang Dashan Pump Co., Ltd. is based on “Honesty, Dedication, Excellence  The aim is to adhere to the business policy of “scientific management, professional service, diversified management”, which is consistent with “unified” The concept of image, unified service and unified operation is to build a well-known brand in China's pump and valve industry!

Build a pump and valve business and create a beautiful home. Integrating technology will be our constant pursuit!

Basic views of Dashan Pump Industry
1. “One Center”: Corporate culture must be rooted in business operations.
2, two basic points: external customer-oriented, internal employee-oriented.
3. Four basic principles: pioneering, innovative, pragmatic, and progressive.

Explore: Development is the last word;
Innovation: Change with change;
Pragmatic: Seeking truth from facts;
Endeavor: Unremittingly fight to the end.

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