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QBX pneumatic diaphragm pump

QBX pneumatic diaphragm pump is the fourth generation of pneumatic diaphragm pump developed by our company. It has the advantages of long service life and no pause. It can pump both flowing liquid and some non-flowing medium. Many advantages of conveyors such as pumps, submersible pumps, shielded pumps, mud pumps and impurity pumps.
1. No need to irrigate water. Suction up to 5m, lift up to 84m, outlet pressure & ge; 8.4bar.
2, the flow is spacious, the pass performance is good, and the maximum particle diameter is allowed to reach 9.4mm. When pumping mud and impurities, the pump wears little;
3. The head and flow can be adjusted steplessly by the valve opening (pressure adjustment between 3-8.4 bar);
4. The pump has no rotating parts, no shaft seal, and the medium pumped by the diaphragm is completely separated from the moving parts of the pump and the working medium, and the medium to be transported will not leak outward. Therefore, when pumping toxic, volatile or corrosive media, it will not cause environmental pollution and endanger personal safety;
5, no need to use electricity, safe and reliable use in flammable and explosive places;
6, can be submerged in the medium to work;
7, easy to use, reliable work, start and stop simply open and close the gas valve. Even if there is no medium running or sudden shutdown due to unexpected conditions, the pump will not be damaged. Once overloaded, the pump will automatically stop, have self-protection performance, and automatically start running when the load returns to normal; /> 8. Simple structure and less wearing parts. The pump has simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance. The medium conveyed by the pump will not touch the valve parts, linkages and other moving parts, unlike other types of pumps due to rotors, pistons and gears. , the wear of the blades and other components to gradually reduce the performance;
9, can transport a more viscous liquid (viscosity below 10,000 centipoise);
10. The pump does not need to be lubricated with oil. Even if it is idling, it has no effect on the pump. This is the biggest feature of the pump.

Product use
Pump peanut butter, kimchi, mashed potatoes, red sausage, chocolate, hops. Syrup
Paints, pigments, glues, adhesives,
Various tile, porcelain, brick and ceramic glaze
Various abrasives, corrosives, cleaning greases
Various highly toxic, flammable, volatile liquids
Various sewage, cement grouting and mortar
Various strong acids, strong alkalis, strong corrosive liquids
Various viscous pastes, emulsions, various ointment cosmetics
Pre-stage pressure feeding device for various solid-liquid separation equipment

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