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QBY series pneumatic diaphragm pump

Product Overview 
QBY series pneumatic diaphragm pump is a new type of conveying machine, which is the most novel type of pump in China. Compressed air is used as the power source, and all corrosive liquids can be exhausted. Its performance parameters are similar to WLLDENPVMPS of the Federal Republic of Germany and MARIOWPUMPS of the United States. It has been adopted by nearly one thousand petroleum, chemical, electronics, ceramics and textile system units in China, and is placed in various special occasions to pump various conventional pumps. The pumped media have achieved satisfactory results, and can also be divided into cast iron, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy according to user requirements.
Product Features 
It does not need to be irrigated, and the flow is wide, allowing for the ability to pump both flowing liquid and some non-flowable medium. It has many advantages such as self-priming pump, submersible pump, shield pump, mud pump and impurity pump. It can be immersed in the medium to work. The pump does not need to be lubricated with oil. Even if it is idling, it has no effect on the pump. The head and flow can be adjusted steplessly through the valve opening. Standard suction up to 7m, lift up to 50m, outlet pressure & ge; 6kgf / cm2.  
Product usage 
Pump peanut butter, kimchi, mashed potatoes, red sausage, chocolate, hops. Syrup
Paints, pigments, glues, adhesives,
Various tile, porcelain, brick and ceramic glaze
Various abrasives, corrosives, cleaning greases
Various highly toxic, flammable, volatile liquids
Various sewage, cement grouting and mortar
Various strong acids, strong alkalis, strong corrosive liquids
Various viscous pastes, emulsions, various ointment cosmetics
Pre-stage pressure feeding device for various solid-liquid separation equipment

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NameModelImport and export path (mm)Flow (m3/h)Head (m)Sipper (m)Maximum allowable passage of particles φ (mm)Maximum air pressure (kgf/cm2)
Air diaphragm pump QBY-10 10 0.8 50 5 1 2-7
QBY-15 15 1 50 5 1 2-7
QBY-25 25 2.4 50 7 2.5 2-7
QBY-40 40 8 50 7 4.5 2-7
QBY-50 50 12 50 7 8 2-7
QBY-65 65 16 50 7 8 2-7
QBY-80 80 24 50 7 10 2-7
QBY-100 100 30 50 7 10 2-7

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