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Service purposes

Since the establishment of Zhejiang Dashan Pump Co., Ltd., always adhere to “Customer first, meet customer needs” service tenet, adhere to the business philosophy of ”°pragmatic, sage, and advance”± and ”°independence, objectivity, fairness”± The position of its service features is concentrated in each single business process.

Regardless of the size of the client, regardless of the position of the candidate, we treat the customer equally and with all sincerity.

The company's employees have experience in different types of enterprises, can meet the requirements of different types of enterprises, comprehensively grasp the cultural characteristics of each enterprise, and accurately understand the wishes of customers.

"Customers are always right" is the foundation that we work with our customers. In the service, we will communicate with customers in a timely manner on issues such as reality and ideals, market and demand, direction and goal of visit, speed of progress, unpredictable conditions, etc., to ensure the quality of our services.

Compliance with the law, legal operation; abide by the contract and fulfill the promise.

The pursuit of perfect service process, perfect work quality and perfect after-sales service.

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