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After sales service

With the in-depth development of the national market economy, the competition in the market is becoming increasingly fierce, users The requirements for products are getting higher and higher, and the requirements for after-sales service are also increasing. For this reason, the quality management department of our company has set up an after-sales service team to meet the requirements of market development, and is equipped with several full-time service personnel. Handling the after-sales service of our products.

Our company can do this for you:

1, product distribution inspection certificate and appropriate instruction manual to ensure that users can correctly install and use our products. Our company guarantees that the products manufactured by the company are produced and inspected in accordance with the relevant national standards, and the unqualified products will never be shipped. Guarantee to strictly fulfill and honor the three guarantees of products, strictly implement the relevant provisions of national industrial products after-sales service, for the twelve months from the date of shipment of the factory products, under the normal operating conditions stipulated in the product manual, our company will be responsible for the products during the warranty period. The quality is in good condition.

2. The user raises a quality objection to our company's products. The company guarantees that within 24 hours after receiving the objection from the user, it will make a handling opinion. If it is necessary to solve the problem on site, it is guaranteed to send professional technical service personnel, and the quality problem will not be solved. The product quality problems and processing results for each user feedback are archived by our company.

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